Creating local
fuel supply.

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Our new rail-to-road fuel terminal provides local supply security and reduces long distance truck traffic.


Investing in the
rail yard
at Johnstown

The terminal is situated within the CREWS Johnstown rail yard and trucks can enter via Kings Street East.


  • Railcars are used for storage to minimise tank requirements
  • Site includes 4 above ground tanks, with total capacity of 750,000 each
  • 3,000m3 of fixed capacity in total across all tanks


  • Terminal is operated by CREWS with 24/7 truck
    loading capability


  • Conventional gasoline (CBOB)
  • Gasoline blended with ethanol (E10)
  • Premium gasoline (PUL)
  • Diesel (ULSD)
  • Ethanol (E100)

Product supply:

  • The terminal brings in products by rail from Quebec,
    the US Mid Continent and Western Canada to meet
    local demand.

Who’s involved
in Johnstown


Greenergy entered the Canadian market in 2013, with a focus on providing a low-cost and reliable fuel supply.

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Canadian Rail Equipment Work & Services Inc (CREWS) provides rail car storage and switching services throughout Ontario. Since acquiring the Johnstown rail yard in early 2016, CREWS has expanded operations in Johnstown and has partnered to invest in reliable rail fuel hub.

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Kinley Construction is a North American recognized General Contractor with a focused knowledge and working experience in the mechanical fuelling industry.

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Construction was completed in March 2020 and the site is now open to customers. If you are looking to purchase fuel out of our Johnstown terminal, please contact our commercial team today:


What are the local benefits to this project?

This project will create additional local jobs, provide fuel supply reliability in the area and reduce the amount of trucks that need to travel on the 401 to supply Johnstown and surrounding areas.

How many local jobs will this create?

Kinley Construction will have 10 local employees dedicated to the terminal’s construction. They have hired a local subcontractor with 14 employees working on this project.
CREWS, facility owner and operator, will also be hiring 10 additional personnel. Please visit the CREWS website regarding announcements, available positions and contact information to send along your resume.  

Will this help bring cheaper gas to the area?

The project will reduce journey distances and cut haulage costs.  Greenergy will therefore be able to offer competitive pricing to local retailers.

What will the hours of construction be?

Monday to Friday 7am to 6pm with Saturday work as required.

What are the operating hours of the facility?

When the facility is fully open, it will operate 24/7 with full time local staff on-site at all times.

Will local traffic be impacted?

Owners and contractors will manage construction traffic at site entrance points. Upon project completion, CREWS will direct all truck traffic accordingly from site entrance, which will be located on County Road 2. We have also engaged with the Township of Edwardsburgh/Cardinal council committee to discuss the project along with our projected traffic in the area. 

Will the site be secured?

The facility will be fully secured. It will be enclosed with a security fence, monitored via CCTV and will have local staff on-site at all times.

What measures have been put in place to prevent spills or environmental impact?

The site has been designed to meet or exceed all provincial and federal requirements related to spill prevention.  Specifically the site will have safeguards to prevent spills and leaks, and includes automated controls and integration system.

Is there a fire suppression plan?

A full fire suppression plan will be implemented. Local fire personnel will be involved in its design and implementation. 

Will there be any odors?

No. Any odors will be managed and controlled through a tried and tested vapor management system. The Ministry of Environment will be engaged in the planning and implementation of the system.


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